Focusing on IT/software and related transactions – from traditional software licensing to complex enterprise-level cloud/SaaS and managed services transactions.  We represent vendors and their customers, and understand the critical issues from both sides’ perspectives.


Specializing in the protection, acquisition, assignment and licensing of intellectual property, which includes the protection and registration of copyrights, the selection, protection and registration of trademarks and service marks, and advice and strategy regarding trade secret protection.


Big Law Expertise Without Big Law Fees

Recent Projects:

  • EU-U.S. Data Privacy/Security Issues: Negotiated and drafted numerous agreements and contract addenda addressing U.S. companies’ need to adequately protect personal data of EU citizens when data is transferred from the EU for processing in the U.S., given EU Court of Justice invalidation of U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework.
  • Software/SaaS Agreements:  Drafted numerous Software License and SaaS Agreements on behalf of enterprise software and cloud vendors; negotiate such agreements on an ongoing basis between vendors and large corporate users.
  • Internet Privacy/Data Security:  Negotiate data security and privacy issues on an ongoing basis; negotiated agreement between U.S.-based enterprise SaaS vendor and E.U.-based SaaS customer; drafted numerous website Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.
  • Software Audit Assistance:  Negotiated extremely favorable resolution of $1,000,000+ allegation of software license misuse against client, a U.S. publicly-traded company, made by publicly-traded software licensor.

Prior News of Note:

Freibrun Law Firm Maintains 4-0 Winning Record On Behalf of Trademark Owners — Reclaims Domain Names Consisting of Client Trademarks:

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